King Electric

Recording Co.

A custom-built, analog-equipped studio.
Home to producer & engineer Justin Douglas.

King Electric
Recording Co.

A custom-built,
analog-equipped studio.
Home to producer & engineer Justin Douglas.


Neve V51 24 channel vintage console with EQ, filters, and compression on every channel

– 24 track 3M M79 2″ analog tape machine

– Pro Tools 12

– Nuendo 7

– Logic X

– 24 channels of Antelope Orion conversion

– Mac Pro 12 core 3.33GHz 64GB RAM 2 x SSD OSX Yosemite to ‘Recorders’


– Federal Signal Corps tube preamp/compressor (1944)

– Stam SA-2A tube compressor

– Stam SA-4000 SSL bus compressor

– 1176 blue stripe compressor

– Warm Audio WA-76

– Langevin Dual Vocal Combo 2 channel preamp/limiter/eq

– Emperical Labs Lil Freq parametric equalizer

– DBX 160x vintage compressor

– Antelope Orion 32 A/D D/A converter and master clock

– Vintage Furman LC-2 red knob compressor/deesser

– Seventh Circle Audio N72, A12, and J99 preamplifiers

– Electrix Filter Factory

– Multivox MDX5 analog echo/spring reverb

– Soundworkshop vintage stereo spring reverb

– ARIA analog delay (brownface)

– various stand-alone tape echoes, tube preamps and effects

– Over 60 vintage and boutique guitar pedals



– vintage Neumann U-47 FET

– vintage Telefunken U-47 tube: custom vocal mic with NOS Telefunken EF-806s tube, Neumann M7 capsule, hand wound transformer

– Neumann USM-69i stereo microphone (stereo U-87)

– Mercenary Audio MFG KM-69 Matched Pair

– Blue Baby Bottle (2)

– vintage Telefunken MD-421

– Cascade FatHead ribbon mic (2)

– Shure SM57 (4)

– Shure SM7b

– Shure SM81 (2)

– Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon

– Sennheiser MD-441

– Sennheiser e906

– Sennheiser e609 (3)

– Audio Technica drum mic set

– Shure Beta 52 (2)

– Audix D6 (2)

– Kel Audio HM-1 (2)

– Kel Audio HM-4

– Naiant Audio custom omnis

– Telefunken TD-7

– Telefunken TD-4

– Vintage lo-fi Altec lavalier mics (5)


– 1936 Baldwin baby grand concert piano (the “Gershwin”)

– 1956 Gibson J-50

– Gretsch Brooklyn 5 piece drum kit with Zildjian K cymbals

– Wurlitzer Model 200a electric piano

– Wurlitzer Model 700 tube electric piano

– Rhodes 73 mkI electric piano

– Hohner Pianet T electric Piano

– Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano

– Hammond B3 with Leslie 122

– Nord electro 73

– 1957 Guild M-65 hollowbody

– Fender Jazzmaster (custom built)

– Fender Jazzmaster (MIJ)

– Gretsch 5102 hollow body

– modified Fender ’69 RI thinline telecaster

– 1950s Kay Lark hollow body electric

– custom Wishbass

– Fender Jaguar Bass

– Martin DXK2 acoustic

– Pre-war parlor guitar (1930s)

– GoldTone Paul Beard resonator guitar

– Emmons push-pull pedal steel

– Supro Tremolectric amplifier

– 1960s Gretsch Pro Bass amplifier

– vintage Ampeg V4B tube bass head and 2×18 cabinet

– 1960 Garnet Banshee amplifier

– 1950s Montgomery Ward tube amp

– Eden Traveler bass head and Mesa 1×15 cabinet

– vintage Kustom 2×12 amplifier with Vibro-Trem

– Quilter Steelaire

– Allen gyrophonic rotating speaker cabinet

– Leslie rotating speaker

– Echoplex EP-2 tape echo

– dozens of vintage and boutique pedals and effects (hotone, z vex, boss, crowther, king electric pedal company, vox, strymon, etc)

Monitors & Accessories

– 1000 sqft cutting room with offset curved wood walls; 200 sqft acoustically treated control room

– Amphion two15 monitors with modified Adcom GFA 555 amplifier

– KRK VXT-8 monitors

– Triple P Pyramid near-field monitors

– Shadow Hills Oculus wireless monitor control system

– Furman HDS-6 headphone distribution system

– (6) Furman HD6 personal headphone mixers

– (3) Beyerdynamic DT770 headphones

– (1) Beyerdynamic DT770m headphones

– CAD tracking headphones (6)

– Radial J48 active direct box

– Radial Pro D2 stereo direct box

– custom stackable gobos (4)

– Insulated amplifier isolation booth


Source vs. Sound

When I was in college I got the opportunity to sit in on a session with a (and I hate this word, but it's accurate) legendary engineer. This guy recorded Hendrix, Zeppelin, etc. I was all full of nervous dorky energy. It was a tracking session, and as the day wore on...

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Recording Philosophy

I love gear, I love great music, but I don’t think you should record with someone just because they’ve got an amazing rare vintage analog warm fat tube tape thingamabob, or because they worked with a semi-famous band years ago. Any engineer worth his or her salt has...

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Studio and Engineer: $490/day or $65/hr
Studio Only: $285/day or $35/hr
Mixing: $300/song
Mastering: $50/song