David Evans McDonald


I’ve been recording bands for a little over 10 years, the past 3 primarily working out of King Electric Recording. I started out by playing guitar in, and maintain my affinity for, recording loud, noisy rock, hardcore and punk bands but have long since expanded my recording and mixing work into most every genre… indie rock, psych, garage rock, folk, singer-songwriter, shoegaze, jazz, hip hop, metal, soul, r&b, you name it.

I do all of the recording and mixing for the live in-studio series Austin Uncharted, as well as build effects pedals, outboard gear, and tech/repair work. I thrive in handling all the left-brained technical aspects of making a session run smoothly while helping maintain the clear artistic vision that at the end of the day what matters most is your performance and the song.

Select Discography: (Recording, Mixing)
Aubrey Hays – Isn’t It Enough (R, M)
Trying Science – Next (R, M)
Dusty G & the Heartache – …30 Years Later (R, M)
Mountebank – Pratfall (R, M)
Ties – Departure (R)
Sam Howden – My Best and Only Friend (R, M)
Alexalco – X, Classrooms EP (R,M)
365 Colours – Weareyourfriends. (R, M)
Ready the Messenger – Fracture (R)

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