Gary Calhoun James

Gary Calhoun James is a multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Producer, Engineer, and lover of adventurous music.


With over 20 years of experience in Chicago and Austin, Gary brings a wide range of expertise to each project from vision to realization. He studied Jazz and Classical Bass at DePaul University, performed around the world with some of the finest Rock and Indie songwriters, and has been privileged to make beautiful records with many of his heroes.

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E=Engineer, MX=Mixing Engineer, MS=Mastering Engineer, P=Producer, A=Arranger


Artist Title  Role
Aaron McDonnell Get Gone E/MX
Atlas Maior Palindrome cowriting/E/MX/MS/Upright Bass
Atlas Maior Keyif E/MX/MS/Upright Bass
Atlas Maior Riptide E/MX/Upright Bass
Ali Pervez Mehdi and Atlas Maior Nazuk
American Vines California Fires MS
The Battlefield Reflections E/MX
The Battlefield Forthcoming 2018 E/MX/Bass
Blood Pumps America and Burgers E/MX
Box of Baby Birds S/T, Arboreal, New Darlings Songs/E/MX/MultiInst
Break/Fix Various cowriting E/MX/MS/Upright Bass
Carl Weathersby Live at Rosas MX
Chris Sensat Forthcoming E
Coming Up Muddy 10 Miles Wide E/MX
Coming Up Muddy Forthcoming 2020 E/MX/Bass
Daytrotter and Paste Magazine Various E/MX/MS
Dead Random Out on the Porch E/MX/MS
Dead Random If These Boots Could Sing E/MX
Ethan Vlah Music for a New Life MS
Fossil Arm S/T EP E/MX
Fossil Arm Mn EP E/MX
Fossil Arm Forthcoming 2020 LP E/MX
Head of Femur Do the Tavern & Other Tall Tales E
Head of Femur Leader and the Falcon E/MX/Keys
Hot Cotton Late July + Champagne Toast EP P/E/MX/MultiInst
J.D. Pendley Why, Sometimes E/MX
Josh Koons S/T coP/E/MX/MultiInst/BGV
Linen Closet Live at King Electric E
Large Brush Collection Stand Tall, Better Be singles MS
Latin Dukes Tus Miradas E/MX
Leo Rondeau Various E/Upright Bass
Luke Redfield Tusen Takk E/MX/MultiInst
Luke Redfield East of Santa Fe E/MX/MultiInst
Luke Redfield The Cartographer E/MX/MultiInst
Luke Redfield Love is All Around MX/Add. E
Marmalakes Wonder Winds CoP/E/MX
Marmalakes Even Clothed CoP/E/MX
Matt Bradshaw Downtown Mama single E/MX/MultiInst
Minnow Mountain Earp episode 4 sound design, FX, MX
Miro forthcoming E
Mouseabout Ennui E/MX
Mouseabout Foundations E/MX
Mouseabout The Introverse E/MX
Montopolis Various E/MX
Natalie Ribbons Misc. E/MX/Upright Bass
NhuMai S/T MX
One Hundred Flowers Lapses and Loses P/A/E/MX/MultiInst
One Hundred Flowers forthcoming P/A/MX/MS/MultiInst
Oweihops Cinquefoil E/Bass
Rain Collectors RCEP E/MX/Basses
Rance May Various add.E
Sarah Aranella Trust in Me MS
Sheverb Chapter One E/MX
Sounds in Between forthcoming E/MX
Sweet Teeth forthcoming E
Tabitha Chanell My Delight E/MX/Basses
Tabitha Chanell forthcoming E/MX
Teddy Glass Nights and Weekends E/Bass
Tortuga Shades Real Estate E/MX
Transit Method We Won’t Get Out of Here Alive E
Transit Method Roach E/MX
Vincent Boarini You Forever E/MX/MultiInst
(Young Cubs Records) No Men Needed E/MX
(Young Cubs Records) English Death I saw the Worst in You MS
(Young Cubs Records) Luminance The Light is Ours MS
(Young Cubs Records) Vision Fantom Ecrans Couleur MS
(Young Cubs Records) You Are Number 6 Weird Tales MS
(Young Cubs Records) West Nile S/T MS
(Young Cubs Records) Randolph and Mortimer $ocial Futures MS
Zachman I Was Getting on a Plane, Your World Cuts in to Mine, Driving, Park Ave., Matchless singles E/MX
Zettajoule Be my Mango single E/MX
Hello Wheels
Ghost Wolves
Justin Wiles
Sharks and Seals
Bella Eden Music
Derrick Thompson
Foxing Quarterly
The Accident
2% Majesty
Relaxation Record
Dan Mohr
Son Armado