I love gear, I love great music, but I don’t think you should record with someone just because they’ve got an amazing rare vintage analog warm fat tube tape thingamabob, or because they worked with a semi-famous band years ago. Any engineer worth his or her salt has interesting gear and has worked on some great records. So do what’s right for your art, not what makes talking about your art sound cool.

I built this studio so musicians could make music in a room together with as much or as little isolation as necessary because that’s what feels natural and sounds best to me. My favorite recordings are the ones that capture that subtle communication that only happens when people are in the same room.

My philosophy is when you’re at King Electric, the only thing on your mind is making music: no stress, no technical problems, no headphone issues, no worrying about time or money. Everything is taken care of before you think to ask for it, and your only focus is making a record.

Also, I have an endless supply of really, really good coffee.

King Electric Recording Studio